Winners of BG V Competition

Innovation and digitization were the focus of the 5th marine challenge/startup competition “Blue Growth V” that was held on Monday, December 3, 2018 at the main stage of the iconic Municipal Theatre of Piraeus. Young entrepreneurs presented their concepts along with implementation strategy that combine both the business growth and the promotion of our country’s blue economy.

Since 2014, BlueGrowth has reached measurable results, as 41 promising maritime start-ups distinguished from the previous BlueGrowth Competitions and 26 of them are now successful companies.

This year, seven out of twelve participating teams were awarded at the BlueGrowth Demo day. Also out of competition were one winning team from 1st Climathon Piraeus having already won their participation in the BG Incubation program:


First Prize: Fishing Trips

Via our website people from all over the world are able to book and experience an excursion of fishing tourism, which includes spectating the fisherman, being taught by him and cooking their produce on the spot.

Two of Greece’s prospering sectors are tourism and fishing. In most parts of the world with a fishing industry, there’s the concept of fishing tourism. However, in Greece there was no legal background to support it. Recently, we got the chance to invest in this sector and make it flourish. This kind of industry has the potential of greatly succeeding especially in Greece, due to its unique advantages. Having the longest shoreline in Europe, the largest low-scale fishing fleet, the Mediterranean climate and the ancient fishing lineage, can establish Greece the leading country in fishing tourism. The nature of fishing and the mild weather around the year make possible to escape the conventional tourist season and enlarge it significantly (fishermen can work from March to November).

Fishing tourism, already, is very successful all around the world, appealing to tourists of multicultural backgrounds and creating the desire to experience it the traditional greek way. Moreover, after reaching out to fishermen all around Greece, mainly the Aegean islands, and discussing the financial and cultural opportunities they can be given, we are co-operating with a number of them. With the extra income the fishermen get, they can focus less on the quantity of the fish they catch and more on the quality of their job, this will directly enrich the fishing stocks of Greece, which has been an issue of the fishing communities for years. Even though our website is in need of refurbishing and modernization, it gets a lot of traffic and a great part of tourists book their fishing excursions before planning the rest of their vacation.

Second Prize:  Sentinel, is a platform designed to solve one of the major issues the shipping industry is facing on the road to digitalization: How to provision, aggregate and process high fidelity data from vessels and distribute them to the relative stakeholders. It utilizes a completely different approach to the current way of handling vessel generated data, by providing an edge computing platform coupled with a federated architecture. The aim is to “democratize” access to vessel data and make it easy for 3rd parties to develop applications using their domain expertise in various fields of the shipping industry.
This would provide value-added​ solutions and unlock a huge potential for all involved parties.

Third Prize: is a travel experience platform focusing on local traditional events and rare customs, with a particular historical and cultural interest.

We focus on visitors in Europe and especially the Balkan countries, but our content appeals to any traveller seeking for original and off-the-beaten-path inspiration for a new adventure.

Our passion is to organise experiences based on the events that we feature on and offer very unique and professionally prepared cultural trips to travel and photography enthusiasts.

Fourth prize: Myskipper is a marketplace for Skippers. Professional skippers will have an online profile, where they would put information about their yachting skills and experiences and they can also interact with each other. Any client that wants to rent a yacht will have the opportunity to choose his own skipper and have the chance to know him and prepare the journey together, before leaving for the trip. The service will offer additional services such as trip suggestions and acquiring goods before leaving.

Fifth Prize: Marine Enorasys

Meton Innovatence Ltd has designed and developed the Enorasys camera, which is a thermal vision infrared camera that can record real time video without the need to use a dedicated screen for imaging since it uses an integrated circuit to transmit the image wirelessly in real time to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Moreover, the Enorasys camera does not require an external power supply since a rechargeable power pack is integrated using a standard wire and power plug for recharging as required and, does not require a permanent installation since it uses a standard action camera mount. Such a camera type and can be used on any type of air, sea and land vehicles including had-held operation for safer navigation and/or surveillance during night, bad weather, or poor visibility conditions and comes with a fraction of the cost of the current permanently installed infrared systems.

Sixth Prize: Seaview is a mapping system of bays, gulfs, marinas docks and natural harbors.

With the help of Panoramic and 360 photos, the user could “navigate” virtually, in order to know and be prepared before reaching a port etc. He could add any new information and rate the conditions of the place he visits and he could also interact with other users.

Seventh Prize:  SatShipAI

The Challenge:

Consistent maritime surveillance for detecting illegal activities in the oceans remains an open problem: piracy, smuggling, pollution, and illegal fishing are only some of the activities involving rogue vessels that are taking place every day in the vast open seas.The Automatic Identification System (AIS) mainly used for maritime surveillance, beyond its range limitation, is a co-operative system; hence, rogue actors can always switch off their onboard AIS transponder, or even spoof it, thus becoming “dark” ships.

The Solution:

Utilizing state of the art Artificial Intelligence tools and techniques, SatShipAI provides ship information like type classification and size estimation from wide-range satellite imaging, starting from the open & freely available Sentinel-1 data. Such functionality is missing from existing systems, and it can be used to enhance & complement the maritime surveillance capabilities currently provided by AIS and similar solutions.

So, if you are after illegal fishing vessels, smuggling cargo ships, or tankers violating sanctions & embargoes, SatShipAI offers a complementary tool for detecting & tracking your targets in wide-range satellite imaging, operating on data for which no additional acquisition cost is required.




1st Climathon Piraeus


Our integrated system aims to reduce loss of fishing nets by notifying the fishermans for sudden changes of the force applied to the nets ,therefore reducing the annual expenses.

In that way we also eliminate sea pollution by 20-25% of plastic sea pollution. In addition our system is able to estimate the  amount of catched fishes and display it in real time on a screen.

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