Theodoros Skamagos

Originating from Nikaia, Piraeus, Theodoros got an Ichthyology degree and a Master in Business Administration from Paris School of Business, Pôle ESG (Marketing & International Business). His career started in Vita Maris, where he worked in the field of seafood processing, specialized in fish products processing. His professional development arose soon, through senior executive positions in the food industry, with a key position at NIREAS SA aquaculture industry, as a Director of Industrial Products. Since 2000 he was employed exclusively at the Logistics sector as Logistics Manager in temperature controlled chain at Makro Cash & Carry and Carrefour-Marinopoulos. In 2006, along with Vagelis Repas, he funded Metron Logistics SA in which, up to date, he holds the position of Chairman & CEO. Since 2016 he is a member of the National Council of Competitiveness and Development of Supply Chain, under the Ministry of Economy and Development of Greece and a member of SEV’s (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises) Initiative Team for Logistics.