Panos Kirnidis

CEO Palau International Ship Registry

Panos Kirnidis is the Chief Executive Officer of Palau International Ship Registry which in 2017 was ranked as the ‘world’s fastest growing’ flag by Fairplaymagazine review. He was appointed as CEO in 2016 having solid knowledge and expertise in International Ship Registration and Ship Classification business for over fifteen years from Operations, Technical, Regulatory, Marketing and Financial point of view.

His credentials are impressive and his background in marine engineering, operations and marketing for the maritime sector gives him a strong inside knowledge of the shipping industry and the issues affecting it. He also has a clear understanding of the role of a ship registry and how the drive for electronic registry operations will shape the future of shipping over the next decade. His management, maritime and shipping experience is supported by a Master’s Degree Msc in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick –UK, a Bachelor’s Degree BEng in Marine Engineering from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne –UK, a BTEC HND in Mechanical and Manufacture Engineering from Newcastle College –UK and a BTEC HND in Naval Architecture from Southampton College –UK.

In the past years Panos Kirnidis has been at the forefront of discussions regarding issues such as Port State Control, environmental and shipping related matters alongside the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) based in London. He is often quoted in the global shipping media and has highlighted a number of issues to the IMO on both the work of registries and the wider shipping environment.

Panos Kirnidis believes the maritime sector will undergo almost a revolution in its operations over the next years with the onset of digitalization on shipping become the focus of attention for those associated with the maritime sector. His stronger belief is in the irresistible drive towards electronic operational support for ship owners and managers. He is championing the drive towards smart technology in the shipping world and believes the transition from paperwork to electronic operations and management is inevitable and welcome.

Among Panos Kirnidis’ core interests are marine engineering, naval architecture, strategic maritime planning, international crew welfare, smart technology and its use in the maritime world, security and anti-piracy issues, risk management in shipping, regulatory issues and safety.

Panos Kirnidis is fluent in Greek and English and can address an audience of both technical and interested parties in issues that directly affect their own maritime operations and those of the wider maritime and shipping sectors. Panos Kirnidis is available to speak at relevant conferencesconnecting business, maritime and shipping concerns.

Today, Panos is leading the Palau International Ship Registry towards excellence and prosperity and his efforts are the key for the continuous success of the Registry. With his background in ship management, marine engineering and the development of the Palau International Ship Registry, Panos Kirnidis is able to separate out the reality from the pipe-dreams in the world of international shipping.