John Smyrneos

John Smyrneos is the Manager of ABB Turbocharging of Greece & Cyprus, the technology and market leader in the manufacture and maintenance of turbochargers for 500 kW to 80+ MW diesel and gas engines. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the Rhineland-Westphalian Technical University of Aachen /Germany. Upon completing his studies, he collaborated for about two years, with the research department, of the Institute for materials science, at Aachen Technical University. Over his 24-year career at ABB S.A he held various managerial positions, starting as ABB Turbocharging Service Manager. Since 2012, when ABB Turbocharging sector was relocated to new modern facilities in Skaramagkas, he took over the position as Manager of ABB Turbocharging responsible for the region of Greece and Cyprus. Since 2017 he took additionally the responsibility for ABB Turbocharging Business in the region of Israel. During these years the sector has grown and received significant distinctions from ABB Group, such as the award of the best local Business line in ABB Turbocharging network.