Filippos Petridis

Born in 1968, Filippos Petridis is graduate of Applied Sciences of Wolverhampton University (England, U.K.), holding a BSc with Honours Degree specialising in Environmental Management and Planning. He followed Post Graduate studies in the University College North Wales – Bangor (Wales, U.K.) and he was awarded an MSc Degree in Fisheries Biology and Culture. He is also a qualified expert on Hygiene and Food Safety systems (Royal Society of Hygiene, England, U.K.). He has a long standing professional experience in the food industry and in particular on aquaculture, fisheries and fish processing industries. He is a leading expert on aquaculture strategic development and management issues. He has also accumulated experience on sustainable exploitation practices of the marine environment introducing in Greece the issue of marine protected areas as Diving Parks. Furthermore, he has more than fifteen (15) years’ experience on National and European Operational Programs and Initiatives being a senior consultant of PESCA Initiative (1997-1998), leading the Consultancy team between 1999 and 2001. He belongs to the team of industry experts of CERTCOM (subsidiary of CERTECH- CANADA) and he is member on the Board of Directors in a number of private companies. He currently holds the position of CEO in AMBIO S.A., Athens Greece.