Efstathios Papadimitriou

Efstathios Papadimitriou is the Director of the rSupply Solutions AG. Out of 21 years of international experience, over the last 13 years he has held senior management positions, with various European and an Australian employers. He has headed small companies, developed, overhauled, and implemented single-firm and Business Unit strategies, and headed/participated in developing and marketing of products and services (incl.multi-million projects). Entrepreneurship is one of his most important professional qualities. He has built strategic partnerships, and participated in lobbying activities targeting both national government and EU departments. He possesses multicultural communication capabilities, and he is a visionary team player who can connect people. Specialties: Business Development, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Waste management, Reneswable Energy, Technology, e-business (web 2.0, IT, SaaS, e-commerce), Private equity/VC.