Athena Lambrinidou

After helping to set up the first Greenpeace office in Athens, in 1991 Athena Lambrinidou embarked on a seven-year journey to the Mediterranean, the US, the Caribbean, and the Pacific on board various Greenpeace ships, campaigning on climate change, nuclear waste, fisheries and marine pollution, among other issues. In 1996 she settled in New Zealand where she launched a number of community-based initiatives linking art and environmental awareness and worked as a researcher for ‘60 Minutes’ New Zealand. She returned back to Greece in 2005 to work as an environmental consultant to George Papandreou the then President of the Greek Socialist Party. In the summer of 2006 she was on the organizing committee of a ‘Religion, Science and the Environment’ symposium held in the Amazon under the auspices of HAH Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. In 2007 she formed her own sustainability consultancy where she worked with clients as diverse as Superfast Ferries, Kallimanis Seafood and Sklavenitis Supermarkets. For the past two years she has been developing ‘The Aunties: Taking the Planet Back”, an international digital magazine and radio podcast wishing to ignite meaningful conversation, collaboration and, ultimately, progress on the climate and resource crises