Blue Growth Strategy of the Municipality of Piraeus


The Blue Growth Strategy of the Municipality of Piraeus is a strategic document covering economic, social and environmental issues in relation to Blue Growth and the Blue Economy, while at the same time presenting an integrated planning and action plan for the development of the city of Piraeus as an innovative, competitive and resilient Blue Economy hub with an international focus and reach.

The Municipality of Piraeus is the first Municipality in Greece that has developed a Strategic Plan for Blue Development, based on the guidelines of the national and supranational framework.

The aim of the Strategy is to facilitate the further development of the Blue Economy in the city, reinforcing its role as a driving force for the growth of the Greek economy and contributing to the establishment of Piraeus and Greece among the world’s leading forces in the field of Blue Growth.

It is noted that in Europe, the importance of Blue Economy for economic growth and job creation is particularly important, while it is also recognized that seas and oceans are levers of the European economy with great potential for innovation and growth. In this context, the European Strategy for Blue Growth has set itself the objective of promoting smart, sustainable and integrated growth and employment opportunities in the European marine and maritime economy.

In this context, it should be noted that the growth potential of the Blue Economy is significantly affected by the performance of existing and emerging clusters operating in various marine sectors across Europe, a parameter which is particularly important for Piraeus, as it is:

  • A developed maritime economy cluster with global interconnections
    • Center of one of the most important shipping forces in the world
    • A place with numerous and vast opportunities, where two important points of the global value chain meet: Greek shipping and the new road of silk, One Belt-One Road (OBOR).

In this constantly evolving environment and by exploiting the development potential of Piraeus, the Municipality has developed the Strategy for Blue Growth, with the hope of offering a useful tool and a common frame of reference for the business community and society of the city of Piraeus.

Therefore, we invite you to honor us with your presence at this event and we are look forward to discussing your views on the emerging prospects for Piraeus in relation to the Blue Economy.


Read the full Document here.

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