Inspiration and innovation were the focus of the 4th “Blue Growth IV” Marine Economy Startup Competition was held on Wednesday, 4th of December 2017 at Destination Papastratos ,in an incentive environment thriving with innovative and brilliant ideas. Young entrepreneurs presented their concepts along with implementation ways that combine business growth with the promotion of our country’s blue economy.

Seven out of the sixteen participating teams which presented their blue economy ideas were awarded during the event which was jointly organized by sustainable-business education and incubation program Also , Apart from the 7 winning teams of BGIV there are still 9 winning teams of Piraeus Maritime Hackathon , BG Patras, Aegean BlueGrowth at Chios Island and BlueHackathon.



Fisrst Prize: Ferryhopper is a newly launched online ferry booking platform that brings island-hopping around Greece to your fingertips. Our modern and innovative platform presents you with every available direct and indirect connection to over 160 Greek islands and major ports. Through Ferryhopper, you can plan your ferry trip effortlessly, book your ticket quickly, compare prices instantly, secure the cheapest fare, and start hopping! Ferryhopper is the first –and only– booking platform that provides the user with indirect connections and routes to other destinations and makes ferry travelling in Greece easy and simple. Moreover, the island-hopping option allows the traveler to book multiple tickets in a single shot and plan their hopping around the islands without stress. Through novel ideas such as integration of e-ticket services and a simple and upgraded user experience Ferryhopper provides a complete and novel ferry traveling solution.

Second Prize: «MESTOR» MESTOR  is an integrated smart electronic system for ports, providing on-demand electric energy for ships, using lead-acid batteries. The major advance of MESTOR is the extended life-span of the batteries, reaching a 20-year life span, alongside an innovative rejuvenation system that can increase even more the life-span of the batteries. MESTOR can be combined with renewable energy sources, minimizing the environmental footprint, contributing to the EU target for greener and eco friendly urban landscapes.

Third Prize: «ELIMINATORE» ELIMINATORE We are the Eliminatore team. Our business idea is focused on the cleaning of the fish farm nets. More specific we aim to remove a microorganism called algae from the hole of the nets. Our company suggests a new cleaning method more autonomous. So our team is working on that, in order to make that happen. Due to the fact that the sector of aquaculture is on a high rise we are optimistic for the whole project.



Fourth pirize:«FRP RECYCLING» Recycling  yachts

Recycling yachts is an innovative process of collecting and changing plastic boats by recycling machines. Our mission is to offer a feasible and realistic solution to the end of life recreational craft. The goal is to create this company in the Greek market, where it is non-existent.

Fifth Prize: «keeano»  Keeano is the 1st search engine for coastlines and beaches around the globe and it provides personalized results for your preferences. It has the ability to characterize a beach with countless attributes and provide the best results depending on your profile and needs.

It is a crowdsourced application, so you can add beaches expanding keeano places and helping other users to find suitable coasts in their trips. Travellers like singles, explorers, families, boat keepers, PwDs, surfers, elderly, pet keepers, millennials, LGBT+, surfers and many more can enjoy a perfect day on a coast that fits them entirely.

Keeano is free to download for iOS and Android, and aims to become a global integrator for businesses with seaside activity.

Sixth Prize:«DR.OP4SE.A» Pirate attacks on merchant ships threaten the free and seamless conduct of international shipping and trade, both off the coast of Somalia and in the Guyane region of Guinea. Indicatively, according to a report from the Oceanic Overseas Organization, global economic damage from the cost of piracy in Guinea reached about $ 720 million in 2015

From statistical analyzes, it was initially found that ships sailing frequently or exclusively in High Risk Areas, may receive more frequent attacks, but they are not usually overtaken by pirates. The analyzes finally showed the obvious: the preparation of these vessels is clearly superior to that of ships that occasionally pass through the danger areas.

Preparing, as in the war, plays a crucial role in dealing with any threat. The preparation of merchant vessels is divided into two categories: The first category belongs to the equipment and tools available to the ship. The second category includes procedures and personnel.

Our idea is to create a different ship preparation condition through drone equipment that will conduct a long-range inspection round the ship. As long as armed guards are on board, the proposal is intended to give room for the preparation of armed guards, which somehow cover the two ends of the range of violence. The simple presence for deterrence and the (deadly) fire to intercept.


The use of closed-circuit surveillance CCTV Drones with motion sensors and monitors will certainly not discourage any pirate, but they can provide information long before we reach the critical moment when pirates will be hauled or not.
But the innovation of this service lies in the fact that the drone coverage range is so large that it can cover and relay a signal to stakeholders and patrol forces in the region to provide immediate relief and assistance of pirates, without being exposed to fire.

Also important, is that the particular drone, in fact, is an integral part of the ship, since it is connected to it by means of a special wire. This, helps us on the following issues.

Direct retransmission of data via wired interface, resulting in no loss due to high altitude or electronic interference

There is no problem with flight legislation, because tethering drones, constitute a single piece of the ship.

Eliminating the risk of losing the drone

Continuous 24/7 operations due to its continuous wired power supply.

Seventh Prize: «NESER ENGINEERING» .The System provides a solution for the reduction of fuel consumption and of 5 emission of gaseous pollutants from internal combustion engines. More specifically, the System describes a device and method of converting any internal combustion engine, for both diesel and gas engines, which enables a huge reduction in gas emissions pollutants and also a very large reduction in fuel consumption.

Aegean BlueGrowth Compettiton

Cyan Energy : Cyan Energy is a novel group which combines Green Energy from Renewable Energy Sources with Blue Economy. Its mission is to design and manage a network of offshore wind farms to provide autonomy of Energy to the islands of North Aegean. Furthermore, the group will use Computational Intelligent Systems to process the Energy Portfolio of this Wind Farm Network.



Patras BlueGrowth Competition

Envicraft : Maritime areas often come across with pollution problems created by crossing and berthing ships that concern the sea surface and underwater conditions. EnviCraft is an autonomous and innovative vehicle, designed to monitorthe quality


of the sea-surface and underwater environment. EnviCraft provides the collection of information about the sea quality and the underwater conditions in real time transmission via 2D and 3D representation and notifies the control center for any infection elements.

Envicraft has both the abilities of autonomous navigation and remote control, featuring a collection of sensors that provides obstacle avoidance on a maritime area with increased traffic. The analysis of the collected data is made onboard and then uploaded on a cloud service. When the upload is completed, a graphic depiction is created with the geographical map of the maritime area, the underwater conditions, the depth and the output of the data pollution analysis.

EnviCraft benefits the service users with the environmental protection of the surrounding area of marinas and ports, the localization of pollutants on the sea-surface and seabeb and real-time supervision of the specified area .

Destination Challenge: The objective of the “Destination Challenge” is to enhance cruise passengers’ onshore experience through providing a blending of cultural activities and local production consumption activities, linked through a treasure hunt game.

A simple map-based app will challenge cruise visitors to experience the destination while benefited by the special offers and discounts -called “crusemons”

Piraeus Maritime Hackathon

Nereus Team : Nereus builds autonomous control system to upgrade the operation of existing or new build marine vessels. Our system improves productivity, efficiency, and safety in hazardous environments.

Nas Team :  e log-books :Functional management and automated log-books fill-in.

Seagulls Team/ RouteMar Our idea, RouteMar is based on Data gathering and Analysis of information that already exists on a ship, such as way points, weather forecasts, contact details, obligational reporting to specific stations, sensor indications, navigational warnings and navtex, in order to better monitor and understand the performance of the engine of the ship, as well as its characteristics and its overall condition. Information will be gathered in high frequency, so Analysis will be a dynamical process, available on board and on shore. Parameters will be monitored in real time and as a result, they will be adjusted accordingly.

With this idea, the performance of a ship will be monitored daily and monthly. Expected results will be compared to actual ones and the Company will be able to


achieve better energy and operational management. There is going to be a full statistical analysis of a ship, which can also be available to charterers.

Better monitoring of ship’s performance can lead to more effective analysis and planning which can conclude to better exploitation of the fleet!  At least that’s what we are beginning with!

Dockers Team:  Our solution is a predictive analytics platform for machinery failures. Gathers several vessel performance related data as well as machinery data from spare parts and/or sensors and predicts when a machinery will fail. It is a web based decision making tool for companies that manage vessels.

Blue Hackathon

Trash Power:  Trash power, which has provided a solution to marine transportation of waste from islands in specially designed containers and has been touted as a means of balancing ship capacity coverage while facing asymmetrical demand.

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